Thursday, July 25, 2024

Pestmatt Technologies is a consulting firm that was registered in 2015 and works with Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) in the provision of pest control products for use in Kenya from introduction (preparation of registration documents) efficacy trials through to post registration activities that include training in Responsible Use (RU) of products.

Pestmatt Technologies also works with The National Environment and Management Authority (NEMA) of the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources  in Kenya for Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA) reports for both government and private projects.

Pestmatt Technologies has an office at Cooper Centre, Kaptagat Road off Waiyaki Way in Loresho and pest control products trial firm in Kajiado County with all the facilities for the work.

Pestmatt Technologies has assisted many companies in the process of registration of pest control products and continues to work with many others on Responsible Use (RU) training, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Audit (EA) and efficacy trials in Kenya.

Pestmatt Technologies has a pool of experts in all the professional fields required in the training, registration, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA), Environmental Audit (EA) that include Chemists, Entomologists, Pathologists, Crop Protection Officers, Toxicologists and Environmentalists.