Thursday, July 25, 2024

Mr. Richard O. Sikuku - Pestmatt TechnologiesThe lead consultant in Pestmatt Technologies is Mr. Richard O. Sikuku who retired as Chief Executive Officer of Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) in June 2016 after working for the Organization for 17 years. In AAK, Mr. Sikuku was responsible for;

  • Responsible Use of pest control products training.
  • Environmental matters that include setting up of empty pesticide containers management programmes, collection centres and disposal.
  • Poison information and Emergency Centres.
  • Publicity of all matters of the Agrochem Industry.
  • Advise on Animal Health Products.
  • Ethical practices in the Agrochem Industry.
  • Regulatory matters that touch on pest control products and Environment.

Mr. Sikuku previously worked with Pest Control Products Board (PCPB) as an Inspector, Registrar of pesticides and prosecutor on all issues of pest control products. He is an Environmental Chemist and has experience in pest control products and has played an important role in the formulation of legislation and Regulations of pest control products.

Mr. Sikuku was instrumental in the initial formation of Pest Control Producers Board (PCPB) and Agrochemicals Association of Kenya (AAK) in its current format. He is also a trained and registered lead expert in Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and Environmental Audit (EA).